Hand Checking Assures Cleaner Regrind

Our hand checking process sometimes turns up the darnedest things in the material our customers send us. For instance, an old shop tool turned up in one batch. That, of course, is in addition to more routine contaminates such as bolts, cigarettes, tools, tape, cutting blades, and other miscellaneous trash. It seems that at some manufacturing plants, thermoplastic material destined for regrind often gets confused with shop trash and floor sweep. That’s what makes hand checking every batch so important and valuable to our customers.

Turn Problems into Profits

Clean, quality regrind processed by Polynew can help you slash material costs and eliminate waste disposal problems.  In addition to hand checking your plastic materials, we are also equipped to cut and fully regrind large pieces of purgings, slugs, and runners.  We can even cut and grind whole parts that are obsolete or faulty. We can help you can save time, trouble, and money by effectively recovering and reusing thermoplastic materials that you previously considered waste.

For details and competitive pricing, please give us a call.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to providing our customers with clean, quality regrind in order to turn their disposal problems into profits.   
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